Your Nutritional Information Source

What will be cooking without nutrition care? This is why iCuistot provides you information on more than 6,800 foods. All those informations from a trusted source: the Nutrient Database for Standard Reference of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Nutrition Panel

Find Easily

The user interface could not be simpler. Just select the list of foods and start typing the name of the food you are looking for. The nutrient table will update itself almost instantaneously. Alternatively, you can filter the list by adding a food name, or part of, with the toolbar search field. That's it.

Nutrition Inspector

For Your Recipes Too

Even better, if you have the nutritional information for your recipe, the Nutrition inspector allows you to enter it. The hierarchical organisation is the same as with the Nutrition panel. With support for 44 nutrients it will probably of lot more than your needs. As always, just fill the information you have.

Exchange Lists Inspector

Exchange Lists Aware

Your blood glucose level worry for you? You follows Exchange Lists? iCuistot will help you keeping track of all those values for each of your recipes. The hierarchical organisation follows scrupulously the one suggested by the American Diabetes Association. You will feel at home with iCuistot.